Xebia Labs

How we’re helping build XL Deploy and XL Release product for XebiaLabs?


XebiaLabs, a company specializing in DevOps and continuous delivery for large enterprise organizations, is developing three products and Agency04 is working on two of them: XL Deploy and XL Release. The first one, deploys software towards different environments, while the second one manages the process of placing applications in production. These products have seen a high market demand in recent years, so our dedicated team of software engineers became a mature contributor to these two products’ core engines quite fast.

The challenges


XebiaLabs needed to scale up and acquire developers with certain technology knowledge and this is where Agency04 proved to be a reliable partner. However, it is very challenging to have teams working on the same products in different geographical locations. This was asserted by mixing up teams from Netherlands and Croatia to work on the same product features, giving them space and time to be in constant communication and to build a true team spirit when it comes to development of these two products.

Tech stack


Java, Scala, React, AngularJS, Akka, Spring framework