WWDC 2018

This year WWDC is over. Many new features on all platforms, but lets first talk about numbers.

  • There are over 20 million registered Apple developers
  • In June, App Store will be 10 years old
  • Apple has paid over 100 billion dollars to developers.
  • 81% of devices are running iOS 11
  • Apple’s lab has produced a cumulative 2.3 million calories burned
  • Over 100 video channels currently integrate with Apple’s TV app.

macOS Mojave

New macOS is called Mojave and it will be available this fall.

A long time rumored and requested dark mode is finally available. There will also be a developer API so dark mode will be available in third-party apps.

The cool new feature is called dynamic wallpaper which adjusts desktop background by the time of the day.

A lot of new features in Finder. Cover flow is replaced with new gallery view. On the right side there is a new metadata panel. The new metadata panel shows information which was previously available if you pressed Get Info. Demo of the metadata panel was presented with a photo so you don’t have to use Photos app just to get the information.

Also in the panel there are new Quick actions buttons. With predefined buttons, you can crop or rotate photos, but you can also add Automator actions. Apple demonstrated Automator actions by watermarking several photos.

Stacks. Many users have a mess on their Desktops, but now you can stack files by type, date and tags.

iOS (not) coming to the desktop. Apple said they will not combine iOS and macOS in one OS, but they previewed new framework that will enable developers to bring iOS apps to Mac. It will be available in late 2019. Apple’s apps Home, News, Stocks and Voice Memos are available on Mojave thanks to this new framework.

FaceTime will support group calls for up to 32 people. It will be available on Mac and iOS device for video or audio FaceTime calls.

Also, there are new functionalities regarding privacy. New restrictions how apps access camera, microphone, mail, and messages. So-called fingerprinting will be more difficult for attackers. It will be hard to identify device since Apple will provide only simplified system information.
For social network widgets, Mojave will show a warning that this action can be used to track the user.

iOS 12

The first big thing is that Apple put much effort into performance improvements so iOS 12 will work a lot better on older devices like iPhone 5S. All devices that support iOS 11 will also support iOS 12.

After the acquisition of Workflow team, it was quite obvious they will integrate Workflow app in iOS system. That happened and it is called Siri shortcuts. The best thing is that it is available to developers. Shortcuts can be single action or multiple actions. You can make shortcuts like start navigation to my home or start navigation to my home, turn on heating and send a message to my wife.

Do not disturb got some improvements like bedtime, enable it for 1 hour, until evening etc.

Notifications are now by default grouped per app as a stack of cards. Another new feature for notifications is that you can change notifications straight from the lock screen. Just swipe notification to left and press manage.

Inside Settings, there is a new feature called Screen time, where you can see how much you have used your device that day. Also, you can see how much time you spent on each app. You can add downtime, so you add the restriction for some period where you can’t use certain app. All restrictions are synced via iCloud. One awesome thing is that if you block Facebook app, also website will be disabled.

The best new thing in iOS 12 for users will definitely be Memoji and improvements to Animoji. Animoji has tongue detection and new characters like Ghost, Koala, Tiger and T-Rex.
Memoji is same as Animoji but you can create your own character that looks like you or anyone you want. Hairstyle, skin color, nose, lips… everything can be customized. You can records videos with Memoji or you can use them in FaceTime.

Photos app got new improvements like sharing suggestions where if you share photos with your friend, iOS will search their photos and suggest to add photos from the same event to shared album.

Measure is new built-in simple ARKit app that offers to measure things or check level.

There are new iPhone X-ish gestures on iPad so we expect new iPads in fall with notch like iPhone X.

CarPlay finally supports new third-party navigation apps like Google Maps.

Unfortunately, there is no info about dark mode on iOS.

watchOS 5

Activity app is improved and now you can make competitions with your friends for 7 days. Points calculation is based on activity rings percentage. Through the week you will get “motivation notifications” that will encourage you to win a competition.

There are two new workout types, yoga and hiking, but the best new feature is automatic workout detection, where it recognizes that you forgot to start or stop the workout.

Walkie talkie app is only available on watchOS, and it works like the real walkie talkie. Press button, start talking, and other person will hear you while you are holding button.

Web content will be available on Apple Watch. Not sure about the real use case of that feature but it is nice to have more advanced features on Apple Watch.

App Store

Since we got new App Store last year on iOS, it is nice to see that Apple is putting effort in Mac so we have new Mac App Store. Completely redesigned, organized into sections: Discover, Create, Work, Play, Develop, Categories, Updates.

Some apps will be (again) available on new Mac App Store like Transmit, BBEdit, Adobe Lightroom and Microsoft Office 365.

Apple updated its Review Guidelines section 3.1 and now it will allow free trials on non-subscription apps.

App must identify its trial duration, content that will not be available when the trial ends and price for full functionality.