Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering is a rapidly developed field of creating automated tests for software solutions. We part ways with the old “exploratory” methods of testing software, which usually meant clicking through the test scenarios until you find bugs. We say hello to the new approach – creating automated testing scenarios that can be run and re-run on every change to our software solution.

Our approach to automated testing

We use widely available enterprise open source frameworks and languages, such as Spock, Geb, Selenium and Groovy. These tools, together with our experience in automated testing, make sure that we can test the widest variety of software solutions without extra licensing costs to the customer.

A wider angle

To really get the benefit from the automated tests, we would advise you run them as often as possible, at least every night with the new “nightly build” of your software changes. We can help you set up a pipeline that will build your code, test it and send reports to your team, automatically. Quality built in your daily process.

How we approach your inquiry

Depending on your current testing approach and development infrastructure, we analyse the gap you may have to run the tests frequently. We check your source control workflow, your merge processes, your peer review standards. Our senior consultants help you bridge those gaps. After you have been bootstrapped into a stage where you can run your tests, our quality engineers can write the tests or help you do so. The end result is a modernised approach to building quality and not just the automated tests themselves.

You want to improve your Quality process?

We provide a direct path to this with our automated testing services.

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