AG04 Tech Tips: Dark secrets of microservices revealed

Last Thursday we hosted Igor Spasić in our offices where he shared his experiences on microservices. Igor is an open source developer, founder of one of the oldest tech communities in Serbia, Heapspace, and one of the most prominent Serbian programmers.

One of the takeaways of his session is:

“Being a code ninja is not enough. You need to have a handful of other skills to be able to use microservices correctly. The toolset is also much bigger than in monolith development.”

Igor’s talk was about various complexities that come with microservices based architecture. We talked about real-world issues and the new concepts that come with microservices usage. Session was followed by a discussion with the crowd, mostly about the pros and cons of using microservices in different scenarios. One size does not fit all cases. All in all, this meetup set the bar really high for others to follow.

In that sense, we are happy to tell you this is only the beginning of AG04 meetups. Next meetup will take place in March, covering Quality Engineering, and in April we will have another guest coming from Belgrade.

Stay tuned and remember: sharing is caring. 🙂