We are a one-stop-shop for premium enterprise IT consultancy. Our services include education and consulting about Software architectures and tools, Agile and Lean methodology, Enterprise Change Management and ICT procurement. We’ve recently acquired one of Croatia’s leading Agile consulting companies Backlog.

Courses: Software Development & Methods

We keep in touch with the latest technology through our lab and projects, so you don’t have to know all of the new concepts, approaches and vendors, it is more wise to spend time dealing with your core business. When it comes to acquiring knowledge, our team of experts can be at your service.

Agile Consulting

So, you believe Agile can bring benefits to your organization? You are probably right. It has brought business benefits to both customers and software development teams worldwide. Measurable benefits.

Lean and Kanban Consulting

Unlike Scrum (Agile framework) which is focused mainly on product development, Kanban and Lean can easily be implemented in other process types as well: sales, product maintenance, marketing… you name it.