Agency04 – Geeks in the world of serious software development

We are a young, fast growing company with an organized mentorship system. Our clients and projects are rather large – we make big things happen and we are proud of that.

Besides developing software solutions for buyers, we are also working on a few exciting products.

Our vision includes uninterrupted growth of all our team members. AG04 people come first, because a happy team of people is able to craft a great software.



Open positions

Our team members enjoy these perks.

  • Knowledge sharing is based on a mentorship system we have introduced from the first day. Our team leads are passionate about code and are also responsible to make a good onboarding of new team members transferring all the necessary know-how.
  • In addition to the knowledge sharing platform, we are book lovers, so you can count on the newest editions to AG04 Library. Just let us know what you need, and in a couple of days it will be in our office.
  • Company value sharing – By the rules of AG04 partnership program if you help us build the company, we share the company value with you. Makes sense?
  • Top notch equipment, full stop.
  • Health insurance, including regular health checks.
  • Pet love – our offices are pet friendly.