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Our vision is to deliver high-end enterprise software solutions with a team of happy people. Clients trust our development and consulting skills which makes them excel their business.

We are proud of making big things happen.


Domagoj Madunić, CEO

With over 20 years of working experience in software development, Domagoj is one of a kind leader, devoted to every team member. Throughout his career, Domagoj led diverse teams and was the person in charge for technology and innovation in several companies. He also holds a PhD in history.

Roko Roić, CCO

Started as an enterprise Java developer, later on switching technologies and finding his place in software development management, Roko has a vast experience in the technology field. Speaker, writer and a designated client person, Roko leads sales and marketing efforts in AG04.

Mihael Sedmak, COO

Team leader, software developer and integrator with 15 years of experience in software development and technology&methodology consulting. Mihael is driven by finding better ways of delivering IT solutions using JVM languages (Kotlin in particular) other then Java and applying Agile principles & practices.

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