Mobile, Web and backend development

We balance between bleeding edge and proven technologies. While we enjoy digging deep into the latest trends in software development, we are careful when coaching our clients on their architectures. A well thought decision in software architectures strongly influences how your software performs in the short and long run.


Java is our peanut butter and our jelly. Our CEO develops in Java. Our head of sales used to develop in Java. Until our team grew over 35 – everyone in the company did it as well. Now we employ different tech and non-tech profiles, but you get the picture. Our team members’ experience in Java ranges from 1 year to, believe it or not, 20 years of experience.

The Spring Ecosystem

We are on the Spring train. It has grown so much since we started using it 10 years ago and is by far the most efficient way to build a serious Java system.

Javascript, Go, Python and friends

Javascript is the second most used language in our projects. It can be in form of pure JavaScript or Typscript, NodeJs, AngularJs, JQuery or one many other forms that Javascript takes. We’ve been using it for as long as Java. Python has grown on us long time ago and Go is growing fast. We can also do PHP, but are not proud of it.

Mobile platforms

With new platforms come new technologies. We can craft code in different native options for both Android and iOS. We can also create hybrid apps.