Lean and Kanban Consulting

Lean is a method for improving production efficiency with the goal of maximizing customer value. Kanban is a visual tool and a production system used for optimizing your process. Both came from the same place – Toyota production facilities in the 50’s. They have been introduced into the western mainstream audience by a book written in 1990, titled “The machine that changed the world”. Both Lean and Kanban have strongly influenced Agile software methods, but have also been adapted as standalone methods. Although they originate from car manufacturing, they have been adapted to many different industries.

Unlike Scrum (Agile framework) which is focused mainly on product development, Kanban and Lean can easily be implemented in other process types as well: sales, product maintenance, marketing… you name it. People also use it together with Agile frameworks to add more business benefits.

We are here to help you understand Lean and Kanban and implement Lean thinking and Kanban methods by coaching your team.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need.

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