Indoor Navigation – Where GPS Does Not Do the Trick

Indoor navigation is a powerful tool based on bluetooth technology and mobile phones, which can help your create personalized experience for your customers, track the motion of your employees and much more.

How does it work

Small battery powered devices are deployed on walls or ceilings in the building. These devices are called beacons and they spend very little energy, usually allowing battery life of 2-3 years. They don’t require substantial maintenance work.

A custom mobile app is prepared on top of AG04 beacon platform to personalize your experience. The customer uses the app, which grabs the signal from the beacons and locates the user.

Indoor navigation is great for:

Shopping malls - increase revenue by navigating people to the right shop and product as fast as possible. Distribute coupons and promotions and create a personalized experience for the shopper, which will increase your visitors loyalty.

Fairs and Museums – creating a personalized experience for customers and visitors, getting them to the right place at the right time and giving all necessary information along the way.

Airports – helping travelers find their gates, saving on navigation signs and promoting cross sales and coupon distribution for airport shops.

Large compounds – Business centers, hospitals and government buildings are usually situated in huge spaces and for that reason it is difficult for visitors to find the right place they need to be at.

Regulated businesses – Knowing where are the employees at any time of the work day may be crucial for some businesses. Audit trail is available upon your request.

Other use cases include public transport and different tourism cases.

Want to see it in action?

Indoor navigation can do wonders.