Cinderella – Real Life Social Network

Remember how prince looked all over the kingdom to find Cinderella? He either had a really small kingdom, very fast servants or the story was made up. Anyway, we can help people find other people much faster using our smart bluetooth solution for events.

Brighten up your event!

Are you organizing a fair, conference, music fest or a similar gathering? In any of these cases people want to meet/find other people. Be it for networking, business meetings or chatting up about their favorite band. The problem is there are hundreds or thousands of them and it is not easy to find a match and later locate them in space.

We provide each visitor with a small wearable (beacon) and a mobile app which is a regular social network, customized for the event. Using the app, visitors can search for other visitors and they can locate them. Event you are organizing will be remembered by networking, new meetings, love stories. Beacon technology can even help families or groups track each other for extra safety.

Case study - Change Conference

We introduced Cinderella at the biggest software conference in Zagreb – The Change Con. Usage of beacons was high; 80% of all visitors used it to network. Organizers announced “the new event technology” before the conference started and thus, it was a huge success.


“We loved how beacons spiced up our event! When you organize a conference for software developers, it is very difficult to engage them. But if you start speaking in their own language, everything becomes more simple. We are definitely using beacons next year.” says Mateja, The Change Con organizer.

What’s in it for you as an organizer?

First of all, your show will stand up in the crowd of similar events. You make yourself a tech savvy market leader for the new generations. Also, at the end of your event, you get to keep the valuable information on people’s profiles, preferences and social network account links. You also know where did the visitors hang out the most: which booths, which shows were the most popular. You can engage the crowd in giving feedback immediately after the show, increasing feedback percentage by a huge margin. To sum it up, you really get a lot.

Want to see it in action?

Let Cinderella brighten up your event.