1-day starter course: Big Picture in Modern Software Development

This is an introductory course to the latest trends in software development. This course is here to help everybody get to speed on topics such as Scrum, Git flow, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Containers, Automated testing and Microservices. It is definitely not in-depth, but is a great starter!

2-day course: Devops Tooling

Two days will be enough for you to get a deeper understanding of the Devops toolset and methods which include Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Self-testing code, Static code analysis. You will get a hands-on experience to start implementing these tools in your environment. It is a great follow up to the Big Picture course.

1-day course: Modern Source Control Management with GIT

Git needs to be part of your workflow. It is not just a tool to be used, it is a process improvement that really should be (trust us!) implemented in your team. This course is a hands-on Git school with special star appearances of cloud implementations such as Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab.

2-day workshop: Containers

In just a few years, containers went from promising a lot to delivering even more. They are now part of many software development and production environment in your neighbourhood. This course will guide you through the Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift in a hands-on format.

1-day workshop: Automated Testing

There is no production rollout without testing and without automated testing there is no iterative and Agile approach to software development. Principal elements of this workshop are Spock, Geb and Selenium. We will teach you how to start testing your software automatically on every commit to the environment.

2-day course: Agile Methods and Scrum

This course will dramatically change the way you work. Not only your developers, but also your business people. Everybody is welcome to learn from our consultants, which have real life experience in many different environments and don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

1-day course: Business Process Management with BPMN

BPMN is the essence of the BPM and zero-code platforms and principles. It is what HTML is to the Web. Simply put, after participating in this course, you will be able to design your business processes using BPMN tools.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need.