Agency04 Partners


AG04 team is developing on top of Java, Scala and Python, focusing on the XL Release product for XebiaLabs, developers of leading Java CI/CD solutions. XL Release is a Continuous Delivery solution for orchestrating release pipelines. AG04 also distributes these CD solutions, so feel free to contact us for a demo.


AG04 is partnering with Camunda, one of the leading BPMS providers, to offer development services and license reselling. We strongly believe that this product line can be really effective for prospective BPM users.

Agency04 Clients


XebiaLabs produces world’s leading Devops tools for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Release management. We are proud to provide a dedicated team that has been working on these products for years. Developing tools for other developers is like a dream come true.

Iskon Internet

Iskon is part of the Deutsche Telekom group and is one of the leading ISPs in Croatia. We’ve been working with Iskon on different cases, ranging from consulting and education to software development and maintenance.

Kapsch Carrier

Kapsch is a Croatian company specializing in large telco projects, most notably mobile number portability. They are also a part of a much larger Austrian corporation. We have developed fixed scope software products for Kapsch, but also helped them enlarge their team and provided specific expertise.