About AGENCY04 – Geeks in the world of serious software development

We are a young, fast growing company based in Zagreb. We create great software products for our clients around the world. These products are usually complex systems based on Java, GoLang, React, Angular, Groovy and native Mobile tech. Outside of client work, we are always looking for new startup ideas or technologies to try out and have fun with.

In general, we are geeks in the world of serious software development.

Our team members enjoy these perks.

Knowledge sharing is based on a mentorship system we have introduced from day one. Our team leads are passionate about code and are also responsible for easy onboarding of new team members.

In addition to the knowledge sharing platform we are book lovers, so you can count on the newest editions to AGENCY04 Library. Just let us know what you need, and in a couple of days, it will be in our office. Books budget is unlimited.

Competitive salary, flexible hours, relaxed atmosphere and motivated professionals around you.

Company value sharing – By the rules of AGENCY04 partnership program if you help us build the company, we share the company value with you. Makes sense?

High quality equipment

New baby and Christmas bonuses.

Playstation room with a budget for new games!

Pet love – our offices are pet friendly.