Application Infrastructure and Integration

Long gone are the times when computers just computed. Now they mostly communicate and integrate, while doing an occasional calculation.

Application infrastructure

Even though we look young, we’ve been using Linux since 1996. Tomcat from the early days as well. We can do large or small, fast or stable, or both at the same time.

Integration and Microservices

Microservices can fit you or not, but you should be in a position where you can make an educated decision. While Microservices may not be suitable for all projects, integration is going to be needed for inside or outside communication. ESB or Spring integration? Again, we can help you decide.


Like Microservices, BPM is not for everyone and definitely not for every project. But, there are cases where it is irreplaceable, for example a process that repeats often and needs a great audit trail and reporting capabilities. We partner with the German company Camunda for our BPM cases.

Software development done well

We use Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in almost all of our projects. We prefer Jenkins for CI and XebiaLabs tools for CD. In fact we are part of the team that is developing the XebiaLabs platforms.