What is Agile?

Agile is an umbrella term for many different frameworks and methods. It was coined in 2001 in a resort in Utah by a think-tank of leading software development experts. A decade before and a decade after this historic meeting took place, Agile has been developing and it still does. Although the most famous Agile framework – Scrum – is used by around 70% of Agile teams, it is still important to understand what else is available under the Agile umbrella.

A good Agile coach should follow the development of the Agile landscape and be able to pinpoint the right practice for the right case. Our coaches are frequently speaking at conferences, writing for magazines and even authoring books on Agile.

You think Agile can bring benefits to your organization?

You are probably right. It has brought business benefits to both customers and software development teams worldwide. Measurable benefits. Still, you need to approach this process carefully. Each change in an organization needs to be handled with respect to business, technology, people, emotions and many different Change management parameters. We specialize in managing change and can help you pick the right path and guide you through it.

This is how AG04 can help.

Our contribution to the process towards Agile can go in different directions. We can just provide education or we can manage the entire process through consultancy.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you need.

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