Addiko bank - education

The first month of Agile transition for one of the largest regional banks


Starting the process of Agile transition and getting 70 individuals on board using a customised educational module was the very start of the Agile transition of Addiko Bank. Emphasising the importance of a tailor-made module, we created a melange of Scrum and Kanban techniques.

We interviewed key stakeholders in the process of product development and analysed the needs and possibilities of improving the development process. We defined a roadmap for change and created custom two-day education materials. As a result, we educated 70 people for a new product development game and prepared them for certification at

The challenges


The key challenge was to deliver quality education in a short prep-time period. The client was searching for a partner with hands on experience in product development and talent management. The duration of this project was set to one month and it encompassed interviews, preparation and execution of diverse educational modules.

(Tech) stack


Scrum, Kanban, Lean.