Who are we

Our vision is to deliver great software with a team of happy people.
Our clients and projects are from the enterprise world – making big things happen makes us proud.

Clients who trust us


Code factory

We excel at creating responsive, easy to use and secure software for your business. If you believe that your work can be optimized by a software solution, we can do the rest.

Quality engineering

Want to make sure that your software works as designed and performs under heavy load? Let our team of engineers create automated tests and set up a continuous testing environment for you.


Our services include coaching and courses on Software Architectures and Tools, Agile and Lean methods, Devops Tools and Quality Engineering.


Event social network

Remember how prince looked all over the kingdom to find Cinderella? He either had a really small kingdom, very fast servants or the story was made up. Anyway, we can help people find other people much faster using our smart bluetooth solution for events.

Personal finance manager

Loren is a system for managing personal finances, deeply integrated into core banking systems. It automatically arranges transactions in groups and allows the user to monitor his incomes and expenses, using budgeting and reporting tools.

Indoor navigation

Indoor navigation is a powerful tool based on beacon technology and mobile phones, which can help your create personalized experience for your customers, track the motion of your employees and much more.